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King James Version, KJV

The King James Version (KJV), also known as the Authorised Version (AV) or King James Bible (KJB), is an English translation of the Christian Bible for the Church of England begun in 1604 and completed in 1611. The books of the King James Version include the 39 books of the Old Testament, an intertestamental section containing 14 apocrypha books, and the 27 books of the New Testament.

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Good News Translation

The Good News Bible (GNB), also called the Good News Translation (GNT) in the United States, is an English translation of the Bible by the American Bible Society. It was first published as the New Testament under the name Good News for Modern Man in 1966.

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New American Standard Bible

The New American Standard Bible, also known as the New American Standard Version, is an English translation of the Bible. The New Testament was first published in 1963. The complete Bible was published in 1971.

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Contemporary English Version (US Version)

The Contemporary English Version or CEV is a translation of the Bible into English, published by the American Bible Society.

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